Friday, August 5, 2011

What is The Green Dragon?

The Green Dragon is a blog whose title is inspired by a number of things. Known by many as the “Headquarters of the Revolution,” our founding fathers would host meetings of The Sons of Liberty at Boston’s Green Dragon Tavern, and discuss freedom and independence over a cold pint of beer. Another bar, albeit fictional, bears a similar name. The Green Dragon is a bar found in The Lord of The Rings, that is frequented by Samwise Gamgee and many other shire folk. In “The Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King, a song sung by Mary and Pippin can be found that reads as follows:

Oh, you can search far and wide
You can drink the whole town dry
But you'll never find a beer so brown
But you'll never find a beer so brown
As the one we drink in our hometown
As the one we drink in our hometown
You can keep your fancy ales
You can drink 'em by the flagon
But the only brew for the brave and true
Comes from The Green Dragon!

Similarly, the name of The Green Dragon was also inspired by two items from my childhood. The first of which is Tommy, the original green Power Ranger, and his devastating Dragonzord. The second item is my first youth Soccer team, which I joined in Calvert County, Maryland, and was named The Green Dragons.

So, what is The Green Dragon? It is all of these things, and more. I’ll discuss geeky things like Lord of the Rings and Power Rangers, as well as items of real importance, such as civil liberties and equality. I’ll talk about comics, sports, movies, literature, good beer, great food, and everything that makes this country great.

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