Thursday, September 15, 2011

WaterStone Pizza/ Jefferson Street Brewery - Lynchburg, VA

While visiting the Lynchburg area a couple weeks ago, my girlfriend Isabella and I stopped by WaterStone Pizza for dinner. There was a 20 minute wait when we arrived, so we waited at the bar which was supplied by Jefferson Street Brewery. The bar tending staff was superb, and we tried both the Jefferson Street Amber Ale, and American Pale Ale. The Amber Ale was smooth, with a distinct taste similar to Killian's, and the American Pale Ale was mildly bitter with a vaguely fruity taste.

Once seated we ordered buffalo wings as an appetizer, which was a special for the day and not usually available. This is quite a shame, because the wings were excellent. Hot, flavorful and smothered in sauce, the wings seemed to melt right off bone, and were accented by the creamy bleu cheese provided in the ramekin. Unfortunately, the wait staff was a far cry from the bar's level of service, and we had to wait for some time before being served, as well as in between courses.

For the main course, we each ordered a 10" pizza, which we were more than happy to share with each other. Mine was a Waterstone White, with romana tomatoes and pepperoni, while she ordered a Margherita pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms.Both pizzas had a thin, crispy crust, but were very filling. Ordering pepperoni on my pizza was a mistake, not because the pepperoni was bad, but simply because it didn't belong on a white  pizza. However, the pepperoni worked very well on my girlfriend's pizza, working in conjunction with the seasoned tomato sauce and romano tomatoes.Although both pizzas were good, the Waterstone White was certainly superior.

While working on our pizzas, Isabella and I ordered another round of beers, this time trying Jefferson Street's Honey Wheat, and Oatmeal Stout. The Oatmeal Stout was dark and flavorful, bitter with a sharp coffee aftertaste, whereas the Honey Wheat was comparable to Blue Moon, but was lighter and a bit more watery.

Although the pizza was very filling, we couldn't help ourselves from trying WaterStone's Rootbeer Float for Two. Arriving in a 32oz mug that we got to keep, the float was flooded with locally brewed Jefferson Street's Root Beer, and filled to the brim with soft, delicious vanilla ice-cream. It was the perfect end to a delicious meal.

Although WaterStone's pizza was good, I was more impressed with Jefferson Street's beer selection, and would return primarily for their bar scene. I was upset by the shoddy service in the restaurant, so I would suggest ordering their pizza to go, and buying a growler if you're hungry/thirsty and don't want to spend a lot of time waiting. However, WaterStone has a great atmosphere, and would be a great place to go with a group of friend to grab a couple beers.

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